photo by Michelle Tanguay.    

photo by Michelle Tanguay. 



JERILYN JORDAN COOK is a Detroit-based story-teller and music editor at the Detroit Metro Times with a penchant for masochism and run-on sentences. 

As her alter-ego, Cunter S. Thompson, she has coined the term "Glitter Gonzo" to describe her brand of journalism as it is often a combination of personal exorcism and meandering incomplete memories. 

Terrence Malick wrote her a letter once and upon meeting her she will likely tell you about the time she almost died and how she claims to be the kiss of death for celebrities.

Jerilyn is an untamed writer with an insatiable affinity for pushing the boundaries of traditional music journalism. In addition to her music coverage, Jerilyn also writes heartbreaking and comedic autobiographical essays that likely originated as diagonal sentences written on bar napkins.

Jerilyn loves karaoke, Radiohead, and identifies with the hopeless romanticism of Frasier Crane.